Financial Assistance Statement

Space Coast United Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. We rely on registration fees, corporate sponsorships, donations and fundraising to meet the financial obligations required to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities to play at all levels from ages 3-19, with the highest quality of programs available in the state of Florida and to develop players at all levels of play – recreational and competitive – by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness, initiative and a sense of teamwork.

We are committed to working with families to make soccer affordable to as many players as possible. We offer payment plans for our Competitive players with options to pay registration and training fees in three and seven installments. Further plans may be requested. We also encourage and support all Competitive players and teams with fundraising activities including publicizing fundraising events through our social media outlets and providing sponsorship/donation options.

About The Assistance Program

The program is strictly need-based. It is not a scholarship.

The program prioritizes younger players to introduce them to the game, develop skills and foster a love of the game.

At higher levels of play, the program supports players demonstrating the most dire need for financial support.

Family and/or player volunteering in support of the club is a mandatory condition of receiving financial assistance.

The parent(s)/guardian responsible for the financial obligations of the player requesting financial assistance must provide proof of need in the form of the Brevard County Public Schools Free and Reduced Lunch Program acceptance letter. To get a copy of your player’s letter, call the Office of Food and Nutrition Services at 321-633-1000 x11642 and speak with Tamara. Or email Tamara at (For Spanish try Melissa at x11690.)

  • Receipt of financial assistance for past playing years is not a guarantee for receipt of future financial assistance.
  • Space Coast United Soccer Club, its officers, directors, coaches and volunteers are not authorized to make promises or assurance of any level of financial assistance with the exception of the Treasurer of the Board of Directors as outlined in item 8.
  • A Financial Assistance Committee comprised of a board officer (Treasurer), board members, and the Club Administrator reviews all applications at an annual meeting. The financial assistance grants are communicated to applicants by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The financial assistance amounts granted are applied to the player’s account by the Club Administrator. All decisions by the Financial Assistance Committee are final.

Extended Payment Plans

Another Financial Assistance tool is spreading payments out over installments. This is offerred for the Competitive divisions.

To request a payment plan beyond the 7-payment plan, please submit an:


The deadlines for submitting applications and proof of need are:

June 15 | Competitive program

Recreational program:

Recreational program: applications are accepted at any time

Other Aid And Scholarships

A student-run organization providing financial support for children of single parents that require financial assistance to help offset the cost to compete.

Strive to make sure that every child in Brevard County, regardless of parental income, can play organized sports.