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Competitive Program

The Competitive Program at Space Coast United SC is split into three divisions: Foundations, Junior, & Senior Division.

The top Competitive levels play in ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) and ECNL RL (Regional League). Other teams play in NPL (National Premier League), CFPL (Central Florida Premier League), GCF (Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League

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FOUNDATION & Junior DivisionS

Age Brackets: U8 to U14

SCUSC Foundation & Junior Divisions are the club’s competitive programs for all players in the U8 – U14 age brackets, with the primary objective to instill a life-long love and passion for soccer.

The aim of the these divisions is to help every Space Coast player develop into the best possible player they choose to be. The Foundation & Junior Division are broken up into three phase:

Phase 1 is centered on the 7v7 game model (U8, U9 & U10)

Phase 2 is centered on the 9v9 game model (U11 & U12)

Phase 3 is centered on the 11v11 game model (U13 & U14)

All three phases are closely linked to ensure a SCUSC player develops according to the Club playing style. As a SCUSC player progresses through the phases and makes the transition from the small-sided game to the full-sided game (7v7 -> 9v9 -> 11v11), they will be guided along their journey by qualified coaches, challenging training sessions, tough age-appropriate competition, all within a safe, fun and demanding soccer environment.

Because of the differences in physical maturity at these age groups, the emphasis is on each player’s ability with the ball (their decision-making ability and their technical execution) and their ability to play within the team dynamic, rather than any physical component.

Senior Division

Age Brackets: U15 to U19

The Senior Division builds onto and continues the development pathways and cycles from the Junior Division. The Senior Division encompasses the continuation of Phase-2 centered learning to develop the key qualities of the 11v11 game model.

At U15 and U16 the players will focus on the Execution of Key Qualities successfully and moves into the Performance Phase of U17 to U19.

Phase 4:

(U15–U16). Players at these age groups need to demonstrate a real understanding of the core principles if they are to continue to make progress. A clear emphasis must be placed on the application of not only proficient technique but to be as efficient with the ball in relation to the game at all times.

Players will be coached to clearly understand the importance of the four key moments of the game and these moments must be identified by the player. An understanding of these moments must also be demonstrated in games with the players themselves being able to recognize and execute when the correct attacking or defensive decision has to be applied.

At 15 years of age the players will learn how to win games through the successful application of tactical strategies central to SCUSC core philosophy. This should now have greater significance without being the all-important factor. There is still a huge amount of learning that will take place at this age group and SCUSC players will be encouraged to explore and discover, make mistakes and learn from the experiences that these games provide. Refining and executing the key characteristics, decision making and executing the correct decision in the game model are most important.

Phase 5:

(U17–U19). At 17, 18 and 19 years of age the ability to win games through the application of key strategies now must play a far more central role in player development.

Competitive Leagues

The Competitive Program fields Boys and Girls teams from U8 to U19. The top Competitive levels play in ECNL and ECNL RL. Secondary teams play in NPL, and GCF. ECNL and ECNL RL are the highest level of play in US Youth Soccer. ALL teams are coached by professional soccer coaches.

FCL ACADEMY (U11-U12 Boys & Girls) formerly known as Pre-ECNL

ECNL (U13-U19 Boys)

ECNL-RL (U13-U19 Girls)

NPL (U13-U19 Boys)

RED, WHITE, & BLACK Teams (U8-U19 Boys & Girls)