Space Coast United 2004/2005 Girls Red: A Legacy of Triumph and Enduring Excellence

Space Coast United’s 2004/2005 team celebrates after winning the ECNL/RL Southeast Regional Championship in 2023

(Note: The following was authored by a parent on the team)

Space Coast United’s 2004/2005 Girls Red team, under the guidance of Coach Mike Lord, recently concluded a remarkable season, marking the end of their club careers for 13 exceptional players. With a string of victories and an impressive collection of accolades, this team has solidified their place as one of the most decorated squads in the SCU program.

Let’s take a closer look at their journey, which spans several years of dedication, growth, and unyielding determination.

A Cohesive Unit: The Strength in Every Position

The team’s success can be attributed to the exceptional contributions of each player. Goalkeepers Burke and Forgatch showcased their talent by recording 63 combined clean sheets.

The solid backline, consisting of Popilek, Gill, Stein, Jenkins, Makenzie Ellison, Sophie Boss, JoHannah Peterson and Piper Miller (who was injured this season), provided a formidable defense. The midfielders, including Watson, Weldon, Wimmer, Nina Lopez, Andrea Toledo, and Mackenzie Plemmons, controlled the game and provided valuable assists.

Forwards George, Fontanin, Vitaliano, and Ehmer capitalized on scoring opportunities. Ehmer scored 151 goals during her four-year career.

Behind the scenes, Team Manager Andrea Torma played an integral role in organizing and supporting the team throughout their memorable journey.

The 2004/2005 Girls team poses with their National Cup XX trophy in 2021.

Building a Foundation: The Junior Division Years

The core of the 2004/2005 team was formed in the Junior Division under Coach Matt Cermak. The U13 squad laid the groundwork for future success, displaying their potential and talent even at a young age. As they progressed into the U14 ranks, the team added key players and emerged victorious as the Florida Cup State Champions, showcasing their ability to thrive in competitive environments.

Transitioning to the Senior Division with Coach Mike Lord

Entering the Senior Division, Coach Mike Lord and Assistant Kevin Smith took charge of the team’s development. Over the next four years, the squad continued to bolster its roster with key additions, transforming into an unstoppable force as they progressed through various divisions.

The U15 season saw them achieve an undefeated record in the National Premier League. Their post-season play was cut short due to the pandemic.

Dominating the ECNL Regional League: A Path to Greatness

As the team advanced to the U16 age group, they competed in the ECNL Regional League, establishing their dominance by claiming first place and capturing the inaugural Southeast Regional Championships. Their relentless pursuit of success led them to become back-to-back Florida Cup State Champions.

The pinnacle of their accomplishments came when they traveled to Denver, CO, and emerged victorious in the National Cup.

U17 Season: Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing numerous injuries, the U17 squad defied the odds and secured their first-place finish in the ECNL Regional League. This remarkable achievement was complemented by a remarkable 3-peat Florida Cup State Championship. The team showcased resilience and a united spirit, overcoming obstacles to emerge victorious once again.

U18/19 Finale: An Unmatched Display of Skill and Dominance

In their final season together, the U18/19 age group continued to exhibit their indomitable spirit. Remaining undefeated, they claimed the top spot in the ECNL Regional League and secured their second Southeast Regional Championship.

Throughout this remarkable season, they scored an astounding 106 goals while conceding a mere 14. With a total of 129 games played in the Senior Division overall, they notched an impressive 346 goals while allowing only 86.

The team’s player take a photo at The Avenue Viera as part of a celebration following the 2022-2023 season.

A Bright Future: Transitioning to Collegiate Play

All but one of the team’s graduating seniors will continue their soccer journeys at the collegiate level, a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication. Six players including Toledo, Peterson, Plemmons, Ellison, Miller, Boss, and Nina Lopez will return for their final club season, ensuring the continuity of excellence within the SCU program.

A Legacy of Triumph and Teamwork

As we bid farewell to the graduating seniors, we celebrate their extraordinary achievements and wish them the best in their future endeavors. With a talented group of rising seniors ready to carry the torch, the SCU U18/19 team’s legacy of triumph and teamwork will undoubtedly continue.

The indelible mark they have left on the SCU program will forever serve as an inspiration for future generations. Go Storm!