Space Coast United’s Stephanie Burke gives back to SCU through senior project

Stephanie Burke is a member of Coach Mike Lord’s U18/U19 Girls team.

Stephanie Burke, a member of Coach Mike Lord’s U18/U19 Girls team, recently gave back to Space Coast United as part of a senior project she undertook at Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School.

In December, Burke’s work culminated in a hybrid soccer/volleyball/basketball game featuring teachers, students and alumni at the school. The game acted as a fundraiser and Burke donated proceeds from the event back to SCU’s scholarship program.

“I wanted to help kids who were at a low socioeconomic status have opportunities as other kids,” Burke said. “….I just wanted to give them a better opportunity to earn a scholarship and help them pay for college and play in college.”

In all, Burke’s fundraising efforts were very successful.

“I made around $500 ‘cause I sold tickets at my school for around $3 each ticket and then I also accepted donations from family, friends….so I ended up making like $500.”

Burke’s idea was a unique one at the school, she indicated.

“I kind of got the idea because someone from last year had done some type of game like that but no one had ever done a teachers vs. students game so I kind of just wanted to do my own thing,” Burke said.

Burke has been with Space Coast United for a few years and has been coached by Lord for all but one of her years with the club. She was a member of Lord’s U16 team that captured the 2021 National Cup XX Finals championship as well, which Burke cited as one of her fondest memories at SCU.

“He is the best coach I’d say I’ve ever had,” Burke said. “He just knows the game really well and then as a person he’s just a great guy. He’s really nice and he’s really funny. He makes us all laugh.”

To that end, Burke also discussed how excited it made her to be able to give back to SCU.

“It feels great ‘cause….I kind of understand where these kids are at and how easy it is for them to just be in that position and just struggle,” Burke said. “….They shouldn’t have to put their passion and love for soccer aside just because they can’t afford it. I think that they should be able to play because they love it.”