Nathan McGuire and Haris Memisevic selected to U.S. Club Soccer’s id2 National Training Camp

Nathan McGuire was selected to attend U.S. Club Soccer’s id2 National Training Camp in Tampa from Jan. 13-15

Space Coast United’s Nathan McGuire, who plays goalkeeper for SCU’s 2009 Boys ECNL team and his coach, Haris Memisevic, have been selected to participate in US Club Soccer’s id2 National Training Camp from Jan. 13-15 in Tampa.

“The first thing I thought was I was kind of shocked because if you would have told me three months ago I was going to have an opportunity to play at this high level, I wouldn’t have thought I would have been able to make it that far but I did and that was my first reaction and my second reaction was that I was proud of myself because I knew that my hard work would eventually pay off,” McGuire said.

McGuire noted that his verbal skills on the field are among the biggest reasons why he’s been able to reach such a high level of play.

“My communication on the field is probably the thing that stands out for me,” McGuire said. “You don’t see a lot of keepers at this age doing what I’m doing, communicating on the field.”

Memisevic will serve as both a coach and scout for the event.

“I was very excited,” Memisevic said. “….When I found out, I was jumping up and down. I was with my family luckily so to share that with my family, that experience is great for me so I’m excited.”

Coach Haris Memisevic will serve as a coach and scout at U.S. Club Soccer’s id2 National Training Camp in Tampa from Jan. 13-15.

Memisevic also expressed his excitement for working with some of the best youth players in the country after serving as a coach at a regional event held at Viera Regional Park in Decemeber.

“It was a unique experience to do it at a regional event,” Memisevic said. “I was able to see some of the players that we played against at an ECNL level, the 09s. But now to be able to see it on a national level, you’ll be seeing players from West Virginia, California, Boston, New York, New Jersey….there’s going to be competition for places on the team and I’m excited.”

According to US Club Soccer, 36 boys and 36 girls in the 2009 age group have been invited to the camp, which followed 12 id2 selection events late last year. From this and another event in February, 18 boys and 18 girls will be chosen to go to on the 2023 id2 National Selection International Tour form Mar. 30-Apr. 11 in England.

Memisevic offered praise for McGuire’s accomplishments as well.

“Very, very proud. Excited for him,” Memisevic said. “I think he’s worked really hard. I think the opportunity has given him an opportunity to step out of his comfort zone both as a player on the team and also as a leader. We worked a lot in the last 7-10 days on just small things that he can look to implement at the national event, what we’re going to look as coaches in the selection process so very, very proud of him. I think he’s worked really hard and I think he deserves it.”

Nathan’s dad Geoff, who coaches SCU’s U10 Boys White team, also discussed how proud he and his wife Kelli were of their son’s achievement.

“We are proud of Nathan and all of the hard work he has put in to be able to get an invitation to U.S. Club Soccer’s ID2 Camp in Tampa,” Geoff McGuire said. “We are excited for him to have this opportunity to train with some of the best coaches and players from the eastern region of the U.S. Thank you to everyone who has influenced.

Space Coast United executive director of coaching Scotty Armstrong expressed his enthusiasm for McGuire and Memisevic’s accomplishments.

“It’s fantastic that our coaches and players are recognized at the national level,” Armstrong said. “I am very proud and excited for both Nathan and his family and Haris.”

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