Space Coast United Statement

Space Coast United Soccer Club Members,

The Board of Directors of Space Coast United Soccer Club, Inc. (SCUSC) wishes to update you regarding an event involving some members of SCUSC. The purpose of this correspondence is to provide facts and context in order to set the record straight contrary to rumors and misinformation that are being distributed.

Last week, two parents became involved in an altercation over allegations of inappropriate language being used by small children at the playground which resulted in one parent striking another in front of children. This event did not occur at the site of the game; rather it took place at an adjacent public playground. SCUSC’s only connection to this event is that the parents were members of SCUSC. Law enforcement was contacted.

SCUSC became aware of the occurrence and per its policies, undertook an investigation. A requirement of membership in SCUSC is that all players and their parents agree to abide by the “Code of Decorum,” which states clearly that abusive behavior will not be tolerated, and any such occurrence may result in the member and dependents being required to leave SCUSC. After a review of the facts, the Board of Directors voted to expel the member (and the member’s dependents) who struck the other member.

The Board reminds all that members participating in Space Coast United Soccer Club events are expected to be responsible for their children’s safety and behavior when they are involved in a soccer activity be it actual gameplay or in the adjacent areas. SCUSC, a non-profit, family-oriented organization, conducts background checks on its employees. SCUSC does not undertake background checks on our member parents or their families. SCUSC complies with all applicable state laws, the rules and policies of our state associations, Florida Club League and Florida Youth Soccer Association, and of leagues that SCUSC teams participate in, and follows the policies and procedures adopted by SCUSC.

Some individuals have chosen to post false and misleading commentary and information on social media about the occurrence and about the management of SCUSC and they have done so with the intent to cause harm to SCUSC. It is unfortunate that those involved have attempted to impugn the long and outstanding history of success that SCUSC has achieved due to actions taken in accordance with the Code of Decorum.

SCUSC remains committed to decision-making based upon facts, policies and procedures, and the continuing provision of a safe and healthy place for youngsters to enjoy teamwork and competitive play.

Board of Directors of Space Coast United Soccer Club, Inc.