Statement on Covid Refunds


Due to the fact that we are all now aware of COVID-19’s existence in our community/world, we are entering into an “at your own risk” agreement when committing to play for SCUSC. Please refer to the Waiver of Liability explaining that you are willing to accept the sole responsibility of any loss or expense as it relates to you moving forward with your registration in the club.

If you are unwilling to accept this risk, we understand and would suggest that you not register at this time. We will not be able to hold the particular spot on the team your player has currently been offered, but when you do feel safe and ready for him/her to play, the club will do its best to provide a spot on a team where there is availability or at the least the ability to continue training with us.

We understand that everyone has a different level of comfort and risk they are willing to accept. We want to be flexible and work with you however, we will not be offering refunds if our county officials deem it necessary for us to suspend club operations. The club still incurs administrative fees (payroll, insurance, utilities, registration subscriptions, etc.) whether we are operating or not. If our leagues decide to offer a refund or referee fees go unused, those fees would be refunded to families accordingly, but club administrative fees will not be refunded.

We are doing our best to provide a safe and fun environment for our players, coaches and staff and we will continue to adhere to all of the local and state guidelines/recommendations.